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Learn more about how to incorporate yoga into your busy life from the author of the new book, Yin Yoga: Essential Poses for Balanced Energy.

The word on Diane...

"As someone who has had the good fortune to take classes with Diane, I can say that she is categorically one of the most phenomenal instructors I've ever seen. Her attention and care to wellness is palpable in her sequences, in the way she offers modifications, her pacing and even the environment she creates within the classroom. Diane tunes in and offers a genuine healing space that empowers us to move and breathe in ways that motivate and bring comfort. She is a bright light who touches everyone. She truly shines and inspires in her way of being and living in the world." – Salina Gray, PhD

"Diane created the first ever curriculum for the women's program at the Metropolitan Detention Center. The prisoners love her classes, her style, her compassion, her ability to teach with a spirit of shared humanity that truly springs from the depths of her character. Diane is an impressive young woman with a pure heart filled with the desire to help the underserved."

– Nancy Deville, Founder & Exec. Director, Prison Yoga + Meditation

What is Body 'n Soul Yoga ?

Who is Diane R. Paylor?

The Body 'N Soul class is a therapeutic and transformative journey through ahimsa - a Sanskrit term meaing non-violence, compassion, kindness.

Consisting of gentle yoga postures, meditation and breathing exercises, Body 'n Soul is a holistic practice of self-care with an emphais on the prevention and/or management of chronic stress, pain and other physical ailments.

Diane R. Paylor is a Los Angeles-based 500-hour registered yoga teacher. She obtained her Hatha Yoga certification from Wanderlust Hollywood in May 2017. She teaches vinyasa, power, yin and hatha classes in and around Los Angeles. She is also the author of the best-selling book, "Yin Yoga: Essential Poses and Sequences for Balanced Energy."

Diane is currently pursuing her Yoga Therapist certification via Loyola Marymount University’s Yoga Therapy Rx Program. Additionally, she has completed trauma-informed trainings with Uprising Yoga and The Prison Yoga Project. She is also a volunteer yoga teacher for Youth Yoga LA as well as Prison Yoga + Meditation.

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